Ronnie and Vicky Henderson
Missionaries to the
Native Americans
Serving in Pryor, Montana on the Crow Indian Reservation

September 22, 2015

Greetings form the Crow Reservation,

We praise the LORD HE is still on the Throne.  This summer has been the busiest that I can remember. So much has happened I don’t know if I can get it all in this letter or not.  Our church attendance is still good and the people are growing in the Lord.  We have a native couple that has really grown and been helping with the kids and in many other areas.  The Lady has started teaching Sunday School, which has really helped Vicky out so we now have three Sunday School Classes for the Kids.  We have been encouraging the kids to ask their parents or grandparents to come to church with them.  Last week one little boy told me that he had asked his Grandpa to come with him but he wouldn’t, I told him to just keep asking and praying and one day he would come.  He told me his Dad would never come and I just encouraged him to keep praying.  Well, Praise the Lord this Dad came in Sunday just before I started preaching.  It was such a blessing to see the smile on the little boys face and it proved to him that God does answer prayer.  His Dad sat thru the preaching with tears in his eyes, he did not respond to the alter call but he assured me he would be back to church. 

Our VBS was in mid July and we had a good attendance each day (55 to 60).  We were concerned that we would not have too many because the tribe had a summer program for the kids this year.  I even called Pastor Craig Burcham of the Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church and told him that it would be ok if the Church decided not to come and help with Bible School, I didn’t want them to spend all that money to come and help if we didn’t have a good attendance.  But thank the Lord he said we will come and just see what God will do, and we had a great VBS.  We had one young boy saved and we have several new kids coming on Sunday’s that came to Bible School.  I want to say a special thanks to all who came out, especially the teens.  They were a real blessing, not just at Bible School but for all the physical work they did around the Church. Also thanks to Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church and those who helped financially, materially and otherwise, so these folks could make the trip.  

The week after our VBS we had a tragedy in our small community, a couple in their early 40’s and their daughter who was in her early 20’s was shot right in the street just above their house.   The couple was killed instantly but the daughter survived.  Most of you probably heard about it since it was on national news.  The couple had attended our church when we were here before for several years and the man even helped at the Radio some.  I conducted the funerals at the high school and many heard the gospel once more.  Please pray for this family they had seven children, the youngest being 15, and pray for our community. 

Vicky will have hip replacement on November 10th.  Please keep her in prayer that everything will go good and she will recover quickly. I had to do a little remodeling on our bathroom and put a shower in so it would be easier on her as she will have to have a shower chair to use for a while after surgery.  She is dreading it but looking forward to have some relief from the pain.

Thank you to all who support us financially and prayerfully.  We could not do it without your faithfulness. We love and appreciate you all.

Enclosed is a letter from KPGB Radio and some pictures also.

Love in Christ,

Ronnie & Vicky Henderson

PRAISES:   Gods love, mercy, grace, protection and provision, our VBS, Salvation of Theodore, FCC construction permit, our Church Family here in Pryor.

PRAYER REQUESTS:  Gods direction and leading, Souls to be saved, more monthly support as the winter approaches and we need propane for heat at the church and house. Missionaries in the North and South West working with Native Americans, Vicky’s upcoming surgery and extra financial expense for this. Good health for myself,
Need 15 passenger van or small bus.