I am Missionary Ronnie Henderson.  Former Missionary Pastor of the Faith Baptist Church in Pryor, MT. We are out of the Victory Baptist Church in Flat Rock, North Carolina, where Pastor Stanley Adcock is Pastor. 

In 1995 the Lord called us out to help missionaries across the country and in Mexico.  In January of 1997 the Lord began laying on our hearts to come out west to help Bro. Joe Copley.  He had started a work in Arapahoe, Wyoming on the Wind River Reservation.  After turning that work over to another man he moved to the Crow Reservation in Pryor and started the work here.  The Church here in Pryor had been closed down for quite some time.  The man in Arapahoe had to leave and so Bro. Joe tired to keep both Churches going.  He would have services every other Sunday at each place and then on Wednesday nights in Arapahoe and then he would drive 250 miles one way to have Church in Pryor on Thursday nights.  After talking to Bro. Copley we came to help him out.  My plans were to be here just a few weeks or no more than a few months until someone could come and take over one of the works and we would continue our ministry of helps to other missionaries.  After several months here and praying that someone would come and take the Church and be a faithful missionary here at Pryor, the Lord spoke to me.  We were in youth camp in Buffalo, Wyoming in July of 1998 where Pastor J.L. Perry and his church host a youth camp every summer.  The Lord moved in one night during the preaching service and I went to the alter with a broken heart praying that the Lord would send someone to take over the Church in Pryor.  It was at that time the Lord woke me up and broke my heart for the people on the Crow Reservation and ask me why I was spending so much time praying for someone to come when I was already here.  That was when I surrendered to be a full time servant to the Crow Reservation.  I talked with Bro. Copley and just a few months later I became the full time Missionary Pastor of the Faith Baptist Church . 

The Lord has blessed in so many ways.  We have seen several saved and the Church grow. In 2000 the Lord allowed us to start KPGB 88.3Fm Gospel Radio Station. 

The Lord sent Bro. Forrest LaRue and his family here in May of 2008 to help in the ministry.  They have been a real blessing and faithful to serve the Lord.  So, after 13 1/2 years of being the Missionary Pastor of the Faith Baptist Church, with much prayer on both Bro. LaRue's part and my part we turned the Pastorate of the Faith Baptist Church over to Bro. LaRue  on November 28, 2010.

As for Vicky and myself we will be expanding our ministries to include pulpit supply for missionaries who need to be away for deputation, personal reasons, etc.  , we will be available for revivals and special meetings, and just to keep missionaries encouraged on the field. We want to make ourselves available to all Independent, KJV 1611 missionary who needs our help in the Northwest and Southwest USA  but our main interests will be to Churches to Native Americans or Churches  on Indian Reservations.

On January 4th, 2015 I became the Missionary Pastor of the Faith Baptist Church in Pryor, Montana, on the Crow Reservation once again.  We are happy and excited to be back and thank the Lord for his moving.