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May 29, 2017

Dear Pastor's, Churches, Sunday School Classes, and Individuals,

We usually send out thanks and the need for the Radio Station in our regular Prayer letters, but we feel the need to send out a letter just for the station.  We want to let everyone know what is going on with the station and just what the needs are.

We've been very busy over the last couple of years trying to keep up with the Ministry and trying to upgrade the station to where it needs to be.  We felt like it was time that we just had to slow down and express our thanks to everyone who has so faithfully supported the station over the years and to let everyone know just what we are trying to do on a very small budget.  We are praying that the Lord will lay on some individuals, churches and Sunday school classes to help support the radio station.

A Radio Station is a missionary that never needs to sleep and has the possibility of getting into every home that I would never be able to.  We are in very much need of more supporters and I am going to try and show just what our support is and where it needs to be.  We are praying that more churches, individuals and Sunday school classes will truly pray about this need and see what the Lord would have you to do.  We are already looking into ways to enlarge the radio but it will all be done by faith believing the Lords work should go forward and not backward or stay the same.  This is a break down on how it stands now:

Our monthly support as it stands right now from individuals, churches, Sunday school classes, and preachers who have a program on the radio, some send in monthly, some quarterly, some twice a year, and some yearly.  this amount is $1,075.00

Our monthly expense to operate right now is $1,252.00.  That means that we need $177.00 more a month just to operate now.  This does not include any extra expense that may come up.

With the ministry growing and using our people in different areas of the ministry we just cannot handle it all, we need to hire someone to help at the Radio.  We realize we are getting older and won't live on this earth forever.  We are trying to plan ahead and get someone in here to take care of the day to day operations of the station and keep it going when the Lord calls us home.  Vicky takes care of all the computer software, keeping it up to date and all the reports the FCC requires.  As well as keeping up with the rules and regulations the FCC has for Radio Stations.  The person we hire will also have to learn all of this and will certainly be a big help to Vicky.  I do have a couple of people in mind for this position.  Please help us pray!

The amount we need per month to hire someone to work at the station is $800.00 to $1,000.00 per month, making the monthly expense to operate at $2,052.00 per month.

So at this time we need $2,124.00 more per year just to operate without hiring anyone ($177.00 x 12 months).

We would need $24,624.00 per year; this includes hiring someone to work at the Station for $800.00 per month. Or we would need $27,024.00 per year this includes hiring someone to work at the Station for $1,000.00 per month.

So, as it stands right now we need approximately $42.00 per day to operate.  With hiring someone we would need approximately $75.00 per day.

We ask that you pray about how you can help with this need, maybe you could sponsor a certain number of days per year, or just support the station each month, or maybe your Church could take a special offering as a onetime gift each year.  Please consider and make it a matter of prayer to see what the Lord would have you to do to reach souls for Him on this reservation and surrounding towns thru this station.

I know that everyone who receives this letter will not be able to help financially but we hope you will pray that the ones who can will help.  And pray that the station will thrive and continue to grow.  We believe that the Lord wants this Station here to be a witness and encouragement to those that we can't.

I again want to say a big thanks to the churches, individuals and Sunday school classes that have been a blessing and that have been so faithful sending in their support for the radio, every month, every quarter, every 6 months or yearly, you are truly a blessing.  We have completed upgrades in the past few years, which ran into $1,000.00's of dollars; we have churches and individuals that have sent in hundreds and thousands of dollars in a lump sum that has allowed us to do this.  Thank you; you are sure a blessing to us.

We just thank and Praise the Lord and all the people for getting us where we are now and hope more will see the need and just ask the Lord what you can do to help.  Please pray seriously about this need, we can't move forward without your help.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to me, don't hesitate to call at 406-861-7560, or email at pryorradio@hughes.net.

Bro. Ronnie Henderson

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